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November 19th 2015

Opening this year's North American Trading Architecture Summit was Nancy Wiser, COO and Head of Technology at Wells Fargo Funds Management. Nancy spoke of the importance of securing financial technology talent and the challenge that this is presenting to financial services firms.

In addition to attracting millenials to financial IT, Nancy also laid out the need for firms to balance investing in cutting-edge new technologies versus protecting customer data.

"As technologists, many of you love to build stuff and do the cool stuff. The innovation gets technologists super excited. The problem is that part of your job is also to be the safe keeper, to protect. You have to balance building the cool stuff against protecting your data and your customers' information."

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We are delighted to announce that Nancy is also joining us at Waters USA on December 7 at the New York Marriott Marquis. Appearing on the 'Question Time with the C Suite' session, Nancy and her fellow panellists will be looking at the year ahead and what discussing how technology will evolve across all business functions.

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November 13th 2015

We are pleased to reveal the full speaker line-up of all those who will be joining us at this year's Waters USA. In just 3 weeks' time on December 7, we will be joined by some of the industry's most esteemed and respected figures, including the CFTC's Chief Policy Advisory and Special Counsel, Justin Slaughter.

Ahead of the conference, we asked Justin what he thought the greatest technology challenge facing the financial industry was:

"The greatest technology challenge facing the financial industry is inadequate cybersecurity. As our financial trading has become almost entirely electronic, that has brought numerous benefits, but it has also increased the risk and potential damage of cybersecurity breaches.

Given the interconnected nature of our financial system, we are only as strong as our weakest link, and that means we need all notable firms involved in the financial markets to have robust, dynamic cybersecurity protections, including resources to constantly update them to resist evolving threats."

Do you agree? Find out more about Justin's session at Waters USA by viewing the agenda here: events.waterstechnology.com/watersusa/static/full-agenda


October 30th 2015


THREE keynote speakers from top global firms including BANK OF AMERICA, JP MORGAN and CITI
Opening the conference is BANK OF AMERICA's Enterprise Chief Technology Officer, Alla Whitston. She is followed by Charles Blauner, Global Head of Information Security at CITI who will delivering the afternoon keynote and last but by no means least we have JP MORGAN's Mark Ashton Rigby, Co-CIO of Investment Banking.

Exclusive innovation debate with live interactive polling
Our panellists will be discussing what's on their digital agendas for 2016 and beyond. How can the financial industry use the success of silicon valley firms' digitization efforts to our advantage? Moderating the panel will be Waters' Dan De Francesco.

The chance to submit your problems and questions to the panels throughout the day
This year you can submit your questions in advance of the day using SliDo. This will be used throughout the event for Q&A and polling opportunities, ensuring you will be involved in the discussions taking place.

10 thought provoking panel discussions featuring "C Level" figures and executives
The debates will be tackling the issues affecting the market with topics ranging from the exploration smarter trading strategies to creating a flexible and adaptable infrastructure to analytics in the trading environment.. For more information, please see the agenda.

FIVE networking opportunities to connect with your peers
With over 500 senior technology leaders registered to attend, there will be ample opportunities to meet and socialise with your colleagues from within the industry.

And finally, this is the ONLY complimentary financial event in North America offering access to exclusive live content.

Find out more, view the agenda!


October 16th 2015

Digitization's Second Wave Finds Buy Side Seeking Wisdom From Within

For many years, buy-side digitization has focused on making the client-facing portal right, often spending years and millions of dollars in the process of perfecting a front end. While that still remains a priority, technologists tell Tim Bourgaize Murray that a subtle philosophical shift is in thrall-with a turn toward tactical projects and a focus on internal efficiency that is reflective of the way asset managers and insurance organizations are now structured. But can the industry catch up?

Digitization veterans tell Waters, this new second mode of self-improvement has proven the more difficult. But the growing sentiment among these firms is that it must be done, even if their tech teams are now reinventing the way they think and plan in order to get there.

Many of the more impressive digitization projects Watershas seen in recent years have revolved around user interfaces and client portals capable of providing deep transparency to investors.

These will sometimes take several years from start to finish; they're elegant, highly strategic and when done successfully, the end product explains itself. After all, the centerpiece-the front-end-is geared toward the visual and intuitive, and the key focus on clients is music to any chief executive's ear.

Despite being both time and resource-intensive, though, in many ways these initiatives are actually easier to pull off than the less-visible digital projects focused on operations within the enterprise, itself.

How much of this rings true for you and your firm? Join us at Waters USA 2015 as our expert panel discusses what's on their digital agendas for 2016.

4.50 Innovation Debate: what's on your agenda for 2016 and beyond? Solving your digitization problems right here, right now!




October 8th 2015

We are pleased to exclusively reveal to you the brochure for Waters USA 2015.  This year we have sourced some of the industry's most esteemed and respected figures to speak on panel discussions and deliver presentations to keep you informed of the latest industry challenges, solutions and innovations.

Highlights of the 2015 program include:

  • Keynote speeches from Alla Whitston, Managing Director, Technology Infrastructure, Enterprise Chief Technology Officer, BANK OF AMERICA and Charles Blauner, Global Head of Information Security, CITI
  • C Level panel discussing budgets, infrastructure, talent retention and innovation
  • Discussion around Bitcoin, Blockchain and emerging digital currencies
  • 10 panels and 5 presentations all featuring senior financial technology experts
  • 4 networking opportunities throughout the day including a complimentary lunch and drinks reception
  • Innovation debate and opportunity to submit your questions in advance for the experts

To find out more, please download the brochure using the link below:



September 29th 2015

We are pleased to exclusively reveal to you the first of THREE huge keynote speakers that we have secured for Waters USA 2015.

Joining us is Alla Whitston, Enterprise Chief Technology Officer, BANK OF AMERICA.

Alla is the chief technology officer (CTO) for Bank of America's enterprise functions, as well as the End User Computing executive.

In her CTO role, Alla owns the end-to-end client engagement, design, plan, build and operation of infrastructure solutions for the company's enterprise functions, which includes Global Technology & Operations, Corporate Audit, Finance, Global Human Resources, Global Marketing & Corporate Affairs, Legal, Compliance and Regulatory Relations.

In her role of End User Computing executive, Alla is responsible for delivering end-to-end technology and operations supporting desktop platforms, mobility services, communication and collaboration technologies, secure messaging, spam/anti-virus, Office Suite and managed desktop and print/fax services. Alla's team operates in more than ten countries and includes approximately 1,900 employees and contractors world-wide.

>> Read Alla's full speaker profile <<




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