Paresh Patel

Paresh has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, working for a variety of sell-side oriented broker-dealers. Throughout his career, he has managed the technology aspects of front office functions of research, sales & trading for reference & market data and analytics infrastructure.

At Nomura Paresh runs the research technology group, which creates & manages multi terabytes of real time and historical data for quantitative analytics. This includes the creation of new analytic metrics and back testing of models. He has created a one of a kind cross asset reference data service within front office covering all Fixed Income products, directly servicing trading systems.

A passion of Paresh' s is to solve the persistent challenges of, quality, storage and the ease of access to data from any vantage point. He is a believer in the mantra of "consuming, creating & storing good data is important but it's also important to have the reliability of data at the time of usage at any given time slice."

Prior to Nomura, Paresh began his career at Lehman Brothers. He has a Masters in Computers Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA and an Engineering degree from LD College of Engineering, India.


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